Philippine Travel Photo Essay : Coron, Palawan

Feb 16, 2013

Coron 02
Coron, Palawan

Yup, I know what you’re thinking. Is the water really that clear?!! Yes, it is. I couldn’t even believe it myself when I was there. It gave us a certain kind of high and put smiles on our faces for the rest of the week after that. Where is it? It’s in Coron, Palawan.


Whenever I hear friends talk about Coron, they have this certain sparkle in their eyes like they’ve been to a magical place. And when they start talking about the places they saw and the memories they have of the place, they somehow get lost at the middle of their sharing like they're transported back in time. When you encounter friends like these from time to time you would be very curious and you automatically plan the trip.

And that’s what we did.

Coron, Palawan, Philippines
First activity was hiking the steps to Mt. Tapyas, which in English means ‘chipped off’. A young boy told us that half of the top of the mountain was chipped off from the US bombing of Japanese troops who were allegedly there. The hike with 718 steps is fairly easy with a few stops along the way. It was quite tiring but the view is definitely worth it.

Coron 01
view of Coron town from the top

Sunset, Mt. Tapyas, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
view from Mt. Tapyas

Our second day started with snorkeling in Siete Pecados, having lunch in one of the small white beaches, and swimming in the hidden lakes of Coron Island – Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, and Barracuda Lake. We weren’t able to visit the other white beaches and the ship wreck since it was high tide. So we just spent most of our time swimming in Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake.

Coron 05
going to Kayangan Lake

Coron 06

Coron 07
famous viewing spot

Coron 12
Coron town sunset

Third day was island hopping and an overnight stay in Malcapuya Island. And this was the day we visited the most gorgeous island/beach I’ve ever seen - Bulog Island. It had white sand and clear white and aqua blue waters. It was paradise. :)

Coron 13
Bulog Island, the water is just amazing!

Coron 14
white powdery sand and clear waters :)

Coron 17

Coron 18
Malcapuya Island

Coron Sunset
another beautiful Palawan sunset

Coron 19
aerial view of Busuanga, Coron

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