How Spontaneity and Boracay Surprised Me

Aug 15, 2011

Boracay 01

Last week I found myself pondering on going on a spontaneous weekend trip. A trip to remind myself of the reasons why I made certain decisions in my life. Major life decisions that has caused people to judge me and question my priorities. A random cellphone conference call (yes apparently it's possible!) among friends last Friday lead to my booking a flight to Boracay.

Boracay. I've always been consistent with my opinion on Boracay. I've always told people that I will only go to Boracay if the trip is free. I've always preferred going to quiet, secluded, and cheap-accommodations (tent) type of beaches. But I ate my own words. I went to Boracay - breaking my self-imposed travel hiatus and touching my hard-earned savings for the Big Trip.

But it was all worth it.

Boracay 02

Boracay 07

Boracay 08

Boracay 09

It was my first time to travel alone. I visited and stayed with a friend who was working part-time in Boracay, but I did spend an amount of time doing things on my own since she was on-call 24-hours. It was kind of lonely at first but it gave me a sense of freedom. Freedom to not worry about anything or anyone, and to do things my own way and at my own pace.

Boracay 03
Island tour on a motorbike. Exciting!
Boracay 12
Puka Beach

I got asked by the locals if and why I was traveling alone. It was supposed to feel kind of offensive, but it didn't feel that way at all. It actually made it more comfortable for them to talk to me and give me tips on the cheaper and more scenic way of traveling around the Panay Island.

Try to sit beside the driver when riding a public van.
This way you'll get a free 'tour' of the places on the way to your destination.

And the beautiful sunset.

Boracay 05

I know not all people can relate to my love for travel. But if you're a traveler just like me, aren't all these moments and memories worth your time and money? Aren't all of these worth postponing the 'life security' that most people define - buying a car, a condo, or raising a family? It is for me.

I'm glad I booked that flight. I'm glad to have traveled alone for the first time. It may have cost me quite a lot for being so spontaneous (bordering impulsive.) But I needed that trip. It reminded me of why I love to travel and the profound happiness I feel when traveling.

I have absolutely no idea what my life is going to be next year. But I know in my heart that whatever happens, traveling will always be a part of my life.

And from here on, I will not allow anyone to question my priorities and decisions anymore.

Sometimes you just have to give in to spontaneity and go somewhere you never thought you'd go to. You'd be surprised at how much fun and enriching it's going to be. :)


I'd like to thank my friend Cindy for welcoming me to her island and for always being supportive. 

And to the new-found friends and diligent (naks!) moonlight doctors of Boracay, for all the laughter and good times. Thanks for the very interesting and memorable night in one of your clinics. :P © . Design by Berenica Designs.