Two Months. Two Weeks.

Dec 8, 2011

Gateway to the Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal
trekking in Nepal

*while in transit from Bangkok - Vietnam

In two weeks I'll be in another flight on my way back home. HOME. Where I grew up, where the people I love are. But I'm also leaving my OTHER HOME - TRAVELING.

Not a geographical location - not a country, not a city, not a place. But a state of happiness that no other activity or material possession has ever given me. I try to fight back tears. I try not to be sad as this journey is about to take a break.

It's been exactly two months since I left the Philippines. I've been in five countries since then. Those were two months filled with adventure, excitement, stress, frustrations, magic, but most importantly freedom. 

Those were two months filled with new friendships, short ones but genuine and memorable nevertheless.

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Friends

Two months of shock and awe of new cultures, but with a gift of a more open mind.

Old Delhi 3

Two months of changing landscapes - big cities, small quaint old towns, dirty roads, rough roads, historic and sacred places, mountains, rice terraces, rivers, and snow-capped mountains. An increased appreciation of God's creation and a lesson on humility.

Melaka 2

Taj Mahal-1-2

Varanasi, India

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Chommrong

Annapurna Base Camp 2

And the best two months of my life, so far. 

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