Post-BigTrip : A Big Thank You and Updates

Dec 26, 2011

Citadel, Hue, Vietnam
Hue, Vietnam 

The best 77 days of my life so far. :)

Who could have thought that someone who got lost so many times before in life, or at least she thought she did, could have fulfilled her dreams of traveling? Of having the best and most memorable three months of her life? 

Something a random travel documentary inspired and pushed her to do.

But the thing is. Everything that has happened to me is far from being random. From not getting into graduate and law schools to moving to a better paying company that would eventually fund the Big Trip. From an invitation to travel to Bangkok that would fuel my love for travel and photography.

Nothing was random. My life, the best 11 weeks, has been His Plan all along. Teaching me patience to wait for His Own Time. His Plan has always been better and wonderful.

As I browse through my old blog entries, the photos I took, as I reminisce the wonderful places I’ve been to, the wonderful friends I’ve made, the wonderful guy I met, and the invaluable lessons I’ve learned – I owe  everything to Him.

So here’s my utmost gratitude to the Great Planner. Thank you. :)

And to you who’s reading this: Be Patient. Have Faith. Everything happens in His Own Time. ;)



I'm so sorry for having been out of the blog-osphere the last month. Let's just say that I was just having the best time traveling through Vietnam, that I didn't have enough time to write and post photos. Again, I'm sorry.   ;)

But I'm now back in the Philippines, in my hometown - very cold Baguio City. I just finished organizing my Vietnam photos, updating my resume, and started looking for potential job opportunities. Yes, I'd like to be part of  the employed statistics as soon as possible to save up again. To do what? But of course, TRAVEL!!! 

Also, I'll be posting more blog entries soon. I promise. 

Nepal Trekking Travel Preps and Cost.  I've talked to a lot of people who are waiting for this one. I'll try to give you an idea on the basic cost of trekking and what you'll be needing during the trek. And I'm telling you it's not that expensive. ;)

What I've Learned or Realized from the Big Trip. A number of friends have asked me about this. At first, I couldn't think of an answer. Until a few days ago when I got back here in the Philippines and discovered the way I look a little bit differently at things, at my future, and life in general.

Thank You, Vietnam. The wonderful surprise I received in Vietnam. :)

Big Trip Cost. Well, I'm not gonna tell you the total amount I spent.;) But I'll try to give you an estimate on the cost of food, sleep, transpo, visas, and other expenses in the countries I've been to.

What's Next? My plans for 2012. Nothing distinct but hopefully everything works out.

So there. Happy Holidays again everyone! And THANK YOU so much for reading and appreciating my blog! :) © . Design by Berenica Designs.