The Cat and I in Melaka

Oct 13, 2011

It's 6pm, Melaka Town is about to sleep. I walked around not really knowing where to go. Stumbled upon boutique shops that are about to close and old historic structures. I thought maybe I should grab an early dinner now. I looked for restaurants that are open but couldn't find any. I turned left and just decided to eat at the first place I see that's open. There it is 'Honky Tonky Haven Cafe'. Quite a quirky name for Melaka, I thought. But I was hungry. An old man, he's from New Zealand, welcomed me in. I was about to sit down when he told me I can eat outside along the river. I didn't know there was a river nearby.

It's beautiful. Across the narrow river are other restaurants and a small walkway where a few people are walking and jogging. A lady about my age is reading her book. Birds flying around in groups above the St. Francis Xavier's Church. An old couple drinking beer at the table next to me. 

And this cat wants to climb up on my lap. I'm not really a fan of cats so I was freaking out when he climbed up. After a while he started to sit still and just really wanted to be cuddled. Who could have thought that I'll ever warm up to cats. lol.

The sun is about to set. The breeze is cooling down. I'm waiting for my lamb shank dinner. I splurged a little just because I was able to save a lot in KL, and I just think this place fits a good nice meal. 


I initially thought upon arrival that three days in this old quiet town may be a bit too much. But we'll see. I think I'll have a nice and relaxing time here. Tomorrow I hope to capture its charm and beauty. © . Design by Berenica Designs.