Settling Into The Backpackers' Lifestyle in KL

Oct 11, 2011

Note: I apologize as this entry may probably sound like a journal. Just wanted to tell you guys how my first day of traveling alone was. 

Finding my way around and the importance of packing light.
I arrived in KL only with a print-out of the directions going to the hostel and knew that I should go see Batu Caves and Petronas Towers at night. That was it. I didn't know how to go to the Caves or the Towers or what other worthy places to go to. Upon arrival in KL Sentral, I took the Metro and walked just a few blocks near the Central Market. Good thing I packed light. ;)

I went out after checking in.

Btw, I really love Explorer's Guesthouse. It's near the cheap places to eat like the Central Market, Little India, and Chinatown. It has a nice community-feel where travelers can just hang around the lobby and talk. The receptionists are really nice. 

Ate at an Indian restaurant which was the only one open at past 10pm. Which I think caused my stomach ache the next day. Good luck next week for our 3-weeks stay in India. 

Slept well and long after five days of traveling. :)

Meeting fellow travelers 
Met Jen in the restroom, who was also traveling alone and had no idea what to do in KL except to see the Batu Caves. So we decided to go there together. 

Met another group of travelers who also happened to be roommates - Betty, Edgardo, and Martin. We had lunch, and after that we just literally WALKED the whole afternoon.

Getting lost and letting go

It was such a funny experience getting lost. Hearing people talk in English, Filipino, and Spanish. Edgardo and Martin leading the way and forcing us to cross the highways. Them just staring at the map and figuring out how to get to Lake Gardens. I wanted to help but it was more fun just following them around. 

Had dinner and drinks. Went to see the Petronas Towers after. And how did we go there? We rode the metro, got off after one station. And WALKED AGAIN. The worse thing for me though was that I had a weak bladder and there was no open establishments in sight throughout half of the walk. So there was no Mcdo or Starbucks where I can just go in and pee. It was funny at the start and torture after awhile. 

Had drinks at the Reggae Bar after and some shisha and hanged out with other travelers. 

Sleeping at shared bedrooms
Went back to the hostel, packed again (I'm kind of getting used to it already. Yay for me!), and slept at 1230 in the morning. Woke up at around 3am because someone in our room was snoring super loud. Imagine the room was very dark, there were ten of us in the room. Apparently most of us were also awake that time. One girl said 'sssshhh' and then another guy laughed. It was really funny and very interesting. Yes, this part of the backpacker lifestlyle - hostel shared rooms - is quite interesting. For now, at least. lol  Woke up again at around 6am because of the loud snoring. After that I decided to just go down and write. 

Fun and interesting first day of traveling alone
This was my first day traveling alone. It's very interesting and fun meeting people from all over the world. You're never really alone. You just have to let go and get out of your comfort zone. Converse with the people around you. Stop caring too much if you're having a nose bleed for speaking too much English (sorry, Filipino inside joke). Most of the people I met don't have English as their first language, so there's really no pressure. Just be open and try to put your thought across the best way possible. It really is interesting. And so far I'm liking it. :)

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