A Five Minute Moment in an Old and Rusty Local Train

Oct 9, 2011

Original photo by Mitch

"Toot! Toot! Toot". There's a father and son behind me. The father playing with his son and making train sounds.
There are two girls engrossed in their books and magazines.
There are two Muslim girls taking photos of each other and laughing.

I am on board a Kota Kinabalu rusty local old train.

And then an elderly woman bravely crosses the train connectors without fear of falling off.
On the other end is an old man with a cigarette laughing with his wife.

And when they catch me looking at them, they smile. A genuine smile.

Back in Manila, people in the MRT or LRT are probably tired, rushing, sleeping, irritated, or frustrated. But here in this old and rusty train, traversing through mountains and jungles, the people seem peaceful and content. It's heartwarming.

I'm tired and exhausted from the one-hour bus ride, 3-hours bumpy (I cannot emphasize it enough) train ride, and 2 hours of white water rafting. But I find myself smiling.

I'm lucky to have ridden this old, rusty train. Happy on my second day of the Big Trip. And there are still seventy five days left. I can't wait for more wonderful moments and surprises like this. :)

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