Big Trip Preparations: Updates and Moving Out

Sep 20, 2011

Countdown: 16 days before the Big Trip; 12 days before I move out of my place.

As you’ve all noticed, I haven’t been posting much on my blog lately. Work has been keeping me busy, I still don’t feel like I’m about to resign. I’ve also been attending friends’ events which have been occupying my weekends. I’ve also crossed-out certain items in my to-do list for the Big TripAnd overwhelmed by the fact that I’m officially moving out of Manila in less than two weeks. Yes, I’m giving up my apartment.

Anyhow, I’ll be posting here my to-do list. Hope it helps you in your own preparations. Or tell me what I’ve forgotten. I really need your advice and opinion! You can also refer to my friend Paul’s massive to-do list.


- Passport IDs for visa applications (10 copies)
- Bank Certificate for Indian Visa application (If you deposited or made a transaction on the same day you requested for the certificate, you would have to wait another day for them to be reflected.)
- Indian Visa Application (Approved and ready to be picked-up on Thursday! I’m going to write a post soon on why I walked-fast-bordering-on-running in Dasmarinas Village and along EDSA just to finish the application process in one day)
- Photocopy credit cards and IDs, scan them and email to parents and a few friends.
- Call credit card companies to have cards unlocked. (FYI: You have to give the specific dates for every country you’re planning to visit. I initially thought that this was absurd given the fact that my December dates were not final yet. Until after they reasoned out that they may flag my card if I use it in Malaysia when I said that I’ll be in Thailand. But you can still call them if in case you change your itinerary.)
- Book return ticket to Manila (This wasn’t part of my to-do list until I learned that the Immigration asks for a return ticket and that they confirm it with the airline. And I booked it earlier since it was part of the requirements for my Indian Visa application)
- Research on a good hostel in Kathmandu, one that is willing (and trustworthy) to book our RT Kathmandu - Lukla flights for the EBC Trek (October to November is trekking season, so better to book flights now than be stuck in Kathmandu/Lukla until December)
- Buy Travel Insurance (BlueCross as per suggestion of the SoleSisters. We were initially thinking of HSBC, however, Nepal is not included in the list of countries they cover. Which is where we might need the insurance the most.)
- Sell Nikon Coolpix P300 (I eventually realized that I might not need it during the trip. And the proceeds can fund my Palawan leg next year)
- Practice more on packing light. Yes, I've had three attempts. And improving more and more every time. I think. haha Here's my close-to-final packing list.


Moving out, and moving in. Or how to put several years of your life in little boxes
Source: C1ssou

Since I’m moving out from my apartment and I don’t want to hassle my relatives by asking them to provide a storage place for my old clothes and a few furnitures, I might donate some of them to charity, or give them to a friend who’s planning to donate it to her sons’ school.

And my books! Looks like I'm selling them soon on a garage sale to help me and other fellow travelers to start/extend our travels (will update you on this as soon as the schedule is final). But I'm still finding the courage to let go of them. If you're a book lover, you know exactly what I'm feeling right now.

Despite the fact that I have sold some of my old shoes and clothes a few months ago, and I’ve brought some home to Baguio last August, it seems that I still have a lot of things to pack. I have decided to force myself into bringing only 1 huge duffel bag (for clothes and other items) and 1 bag (for shoes) to Baguio by the end of the month. This means I have to segregate my stuff soon, real soon. My room still looks like that of someone who’s not moving out in less than two weeks. Even my workplace is still packed with my stuff and a lot of papers. My officemate/good friend volunteered to start clearing them out for me. She’s giving me a box tomorrow!

It’s either I’ve been too busy with other things lately, or I just don’t want to start doing it yet.

Because the reality of it all is starting to sink in. Fine, I might be back in Manila again next year. But the fact that I won’t have any material or geographical ties to Manila by the end of September is overwhelming. Meeting up with friends is not going to be as easy or convenient as before.

Lately, my friends also have been asking me when I’m free to have dinner with them. Or are telling me, ‘Magkita tayo before ka umalis.’ (Let’s meet up before you leave.) And when they do that I feel a little bit sad. I guess I’m just going to miss the good side of my daily life for the past 10 years here in Manila.

I guess this is all part of the change I’m about to go through. Don't get me wrong, I still am very excited about the Big Trip. But all the preparations and upcoming changes have been overwhelming lately.

What do you think about my to-do list? Did I miss out on anything? Is what I’m feeling normal for those who will be doing a mid- or long- term travel soon? © . Design by Berenica Designs.