Prelude to the Greece Trip

Jul 1, 2014

Nafplio, Greece 
Photo by George Karydis

In a few days, I’ll be crossing a continent to attend a friend’s wedding. I wasn’t supposed to go anymore because my cousin’s getting married in 2 weeks, and work has been overwhelming lately. But it was just so hard to say no to a friend’s plea to be present in her special day (I’m the only bridesmaid apparently). Plus it’s a chance to see another side of this world, my first out-of-Asia trip.

For weeks I was anxious. Anxious of visa applications and work conflicts. But I’m here, I'm flying to Europe in less than a week. 

Friends tease me about this other guy I might see again.  

But it’s you I find myself thinking about. This morning I found myself crying. I can’t figure out during the start. 

But eventually I did. I cried because of the could-haves and broken dreams and plans. Of those days when you were planning for a trip so I can visit you, meet your mum, your sister, and your nieces. To visit the places you eat at, see those sailboats you love, the beaches you go to, watch you body board, and just be with you because apparently the distance was slowly killing our relationship. But I said I wasn’t ready yet financially because I was just starting over again after the Big Trip. But really it was just too big a step for me, it was just a bit overwhelming. 

It’s been more than two years, I know. You don’t occupy most of my days anymore. But when you do, there’s still a bit of feelings left. Like this morning. 

Two years after, and I’m finally stepping in your continent. I wonder how that would feel like. 

My wish is that I allow myself to feel. Yet remain grateful of how far I’ve come. To not forget where I will be and appreciate the beauty around me. To let go and accept. 

Greece, I’ll see you in a few days. Can’t wait to walk around your quaint and charming seaside villages, be at awe of how blue the Mediterranean sea is, and visit your historical sites. :) © . Design by Berenica Designs.