On Airports and Waiting

Apr 18, 2013

Rainy Plane

Photo by Julie Lavelle

*Found this thing I wrote on my phone back in August of last year in Changi Airport while waiting for my flight to Penang, Malaysia. Thought of sharing it here, and I know that at one point in your travels you know exactly how this feels. ;) 

It's drizzling outside. Small puddles of water scattered all around the airport tarmac.

I put down my kindle to observe the details of the things around me.

It's a huge waiting area. Waiting passengers like myself are scattered all around. Each person or group occupying their own bench row. Most engrossed in their gadgets, or books, or just watching the tv.

There is something about airports and waiting. 

People on a business trip. People waiting to go home. And me on a random trip.

Some are excited. Some are bored. Some are anxious. People staring out into space. But everyone seems to be thankful for this moment to be by themselves. A time to ponder. A time to calm down. 


Photo by Julie Lavelle

It is in moments like this that we have a sense of control, yet we don't. 

Whatever is about to happen in our next destination is still hours away, may it be something we dread or we look forward to. And so waiting at this place of transit, we decide to not think about it. We relish being in control of what we do in the hours of waiting.

We read books that we know we may not be able to finish once we arrive at the next destination. We decide to relax and sleep before we are forced to move again. We try not to think about jobs and responsibilites that are waiting for us. We talk to friends that we know we will seldom see again after.
I decided to write again. I decided to take a breather from the past four months since it happened. I relished times like this when I'm not hibernating in my place, or being constantly reminded of the rushed decisions I made when I'm the office. I was just relieved to be away from everything.

Just like everybody else in our own corners and benches, scattered in the boarding area, we are thankful to have this moment. Because we know as soon as they call for boarding, and as soon as the plane lands in our destination, we would have to face everything again.
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