Laid-back Town of Pai, Thailand

Oct 4, 2012

Pai 2

Imagine being away in a foreign place. Where and when there is no sense of rush. Just waking up in the morning with no plans, with time in your hands. When you can finally find the time to read a book. You look forward to a good walk, with no itinerary. Just a good walk to relax and have time for yourself. A place with no tall buildings that block your view of the blue sky and the sun. A place with small cafes and restaurants, with people serving you like you’re part of a community.

Such is a perfect day in a laid-back place. Like how I spent my stay in Pai, Thailand.

I love adventures and spontaneous activities when I travel. But sometimes I also love spending a day just relaxing and having time for myself. In my travels, I’ve found places like these.


Nestled in the mountains of Mae Hong Son, Northern Thailand, Pai is the best place to enjoy the cold weather and to get away from crowded Bangkok or Chiang Mai. I loved this place. Memories of this place always make me smile.

Pai 3

Book a stay in the hostels near the river or get a bungalow for yourself. Walk around its lovely streets and be cheered up by its artsy and creative shops.

Pai 5

Pai 6

Treat yourself with some cute little souvenirs and buy beautiful and unique postcards for your friends.

Rent a motorbike and visit the countryside - see some waterfalls or just relax in a hot spring.

On your way back stop by Coffee In Love cafe and take lots of photos of its lovely street signs and romantic benches and gazebo.

Pai 10

And to end the day, hang out, warm up beside a bonfire, listen to great music, and have some drinks at Edible Jazz. A lovely perfect day in Pai. © . Design by Berenica Designs.