How Do You Live Your Life?

Aug 26, 2012

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

How do you live your life? 

Do you live for the stability? Of everyday deciding to be where you are so you can build a life you know you are supposed to have? Always on a straight path, never thought of wandering around or trying another one? Maybe from time to time you imagine what it would be like to wander, but you prefered to stay put. 

Or do you try to question what's stable, what's normal, what's right? You defy all expectations and intensely look for what will make you happy? Enduring the disappointments, pain, and defeat that is part of it all. But never giving up hope. For when you find what will make you happy, all the disappointments and pain will all be worth it. And when it ends and you know in your heart and will that you've exhausted everything, you get back on your feet and find something else again. You try again, knowing that it's never going to be easy. But you have faith that there's always something better. If not better, another amazing experience waiting to happen. 

I live life the latter way. I try to live it without regrets. Believe me it's never easy, because it comes with a price. But the reward is always worth it. A lesson I recently learned about myself. 

But to each his own. We all live our lives for our own reasons. And live it based on different circumstances. But at the end of it all, we just want to be happy and to love. That's all that we really want. That's what I aspire to be. To be happy and to love - life, my true self, my loved ones, an experience, a dream. And to always be faithful, and to always have hope.

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