Travel Love (Photo) : Heart Balloons

Oct 31, 2011

India - Heart Balloons

There’s poverty almost everywhere in India, but there’s also life. You see so many homeless people and street children. But for some weird and unexplainable reason, they seem contented. I initially thought of relating it to their religion or their culture. But I see no point in such, even in pity.

Life in India is incomprehensible. As an outsider, all that you can really do is to be a spectator to this amazing fact that somehow, despite the poverty, they survive.

A young Indian guy explained it to me. He said “People living in the streets don’t show sorrow to others. They believe that their God will create happiness for them.” Some people may be quick to judge such philosophy. But for me, I admire their spirit. Their spirit and strength to survive, and still have hope.

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