Travel Love : 365q and Finding Happiness

Jun 11, 2011

Source: 365q

Are you feeling some sort of pain right now? That's right. That's what I felt too when I first saw this picture.

It's by Julian Bialowas, a photographer and graphic design student from Canada. It's part of his 365q project where he posts one of his photos for each day of the year. It's just perfect. The photos are breathtaking and the script inspires you to travel and enjoy life.


What used to stop me from doing the one thing I've always wanted to do? Me, just me.

Sure, I didn't have that much savings to do it. Of course I can't quit my job. What would my parents say? What would people say? Of course it's stupid, crazy, and irresponsible.

These things discouraged me. And I settled for the long-weekends travels.

Eventually I found the courage to finally decide to do it.

I did the first actual step - I bought a one-way ticket to India.

I started SERIOUSLY saving up - I said no to travel invites. I went out and watched movies less. I tried to stay away from Starbucks and Coffeebean. I finally had the will to not go to our flagfootball games every weekend (which was pretty hard!).

I finally told my parents that I was going to quit my job. They eventually stopped telling me to find another job first. I haven't told them that I'm travelling for a few months. I'm still preparing myself and them for that. Soon.

I eventually learned to not be affected by the opinions of the people around me. I also learned to not tell them about it anymore. Instead I found comfort from my friends, and the travel blogging community. Reading their blogs continue to remind me that I'm not that crazy. Thanks so much. :)

One more month until I finally tell my parents about it. Two more months until I file that letter. 3 and a half months more until THE DATE.

Despite my few 25-years of existence in this world, I realized that we can always choose to be happy. It's different for each and everyone of us. But we all have the capability to improve our state and our lives. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard. And sometimes it takes a long time. But that's what makes life great. Even the journey towards happiness can be happiness in itself. Happiness doesn't have to be the whole world agreeing with you. It's about you and how you define your own happiness.

I choose happiness over security. I choose now over worrying about the future. I've finally chosen to be happy. I finally know now how to listen to my heart. And it's been wonderful. Really wonderful. :)

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