25th in Macau : The Big Jump!

Nov 22, 2010

'Why live on the edge when you can jump off?'

It was my 25th birthday thing. Why? I don't really have a specific reason. All I know is that it's in my life's to-do-list. I've always dreamed it would be in New Zealand, but Macau came along and i thought of just grabbing the opportunity. And I'm so glad I did!

My Afterthoughts:

signing off my life. haha

1) Free-falling from a 233-meters tower is not normal, it’s suicide. What makes this Jump non-suicidal and close to normal, is having to trust the crew and the cords. If you can’t do that, there’s no point in even thinking about signing-up.

trust the cord, the crew, and the technology

2) It is true. The success and realization of a bungy jump is 90% up to YOU. It is on that platform where everything comes creeping up into your head – the fear of heights, of dying, of backing-out – it’s all there. It’s either you dwell on these feelings or just trust everything – the crew, yourself, universe, God, laws of physics, the cords, and fate. (well, plus what you paid which is non-refundable :P) It’s letting go of trying to understand how it’s supposed to happen. It’s admitting to yourself that you can never be fully prepared for it.


3) After leaning/falling forward, you just have to let go. It’s only gravity that’s working during that five seconds. It will tease you at the start and will make you feel helpless. But it will eventually reward you of that epic feeling of exhilaration and pride that you actually did it.

Here's a clip of my jump:

It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s one of those experiences that you hang on to when you feel like you’re losing control of any life situation. It’s what you hold on to when the not-so-good side of reality is trying to pull you back and stressing you out (like at work). It widens your perspective in life and makes you trust the universe more.

bungy jump high!

It also makes you want to travel more and look for new unique and memorable experiences. :D

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