Travel Love : departures.

Mar 25, 2010

I stumbled upon this travel show in Nat Geo, Departures: Thailand. It showcases the travel experiences of three twenty-something guys, Scott and Justin, and cameraman Andre Dupuis.

The premise is that Scott and Andre used to work for a travel show but they felt like the end product did not represent the real experiences of travelers, including both the wonderful and the hassles. So they pooled the money they have and Scott called-up his good friend Justin to join them. Scott and Justin have been friends since childhood but lost contact right after college. Scott concentrated on working on music and arts; while Justin went to the US and was working for an engineering company. All of them left their comfort zones and sacrificed certain things and went into a journey to experience the world.

Scott (in black) and Justin (in green) are quite different. Scott is more into culture and the facts, and he's mostly the one talking on the show. Justin is more of the big kid type of guy. He always finds something to laugh about and I think he's the one who has to adjust more to the different cultures they witness and experience. So it's great to watch him being humbled and changed by these experiences (which happened during seasons 2 and 3). But both of them have a thirst for adventure. It's a perfect combination and they're both really funny.

Andre Dupuis. AMAZING. GENIUS. Amazing videography:

1) Framing – I love how he depicts the humbling experience of traveling. He takes shots from the angle of the travelers and wide angle shots where the people are just a small part of the bigger picture. (Jordan epi)
2) Subject- the wonderful children. Their eyes, smile, and playfulness. I especially love the "Mongolia Reindeer Wranglers" clip. It shows this 4-year-old Mongolian boy running around the reindeer herd but he's actually looking for a reindeer to feed. When he finds one and is done feeding it, he pulls its leash and tries to tie it to a small wood. He's wonderful and so cute.
3) Tones and Lighting – just amazing. (Phi Phi Lei and Gobi Desert).

"I have witnessed incredible moments, where the light, the mountains, the oceans and the wind all meet together so I can take their picture. It has become my obsession to experience the world and a passion to capture and share it." I hear you Andre Dupuis, I hear you!

good morning, caramoan :)
'Good Morning, Caramoan. :)' I was lucky to have taken this shot.
After a few seconds, it was already a different scenery.

The sights are breath-taking. Their experiences are one-of-a-kind. It gives me more reason to save up for traveling.

I also envy them in a way. There's this once scene in the Jordan epi where Justin described the peacefulness he felt and compared it to the stress that he could have been feeling if he was still back in the US working. I so want to feel that now.

Traveling humbles you and makes you a better human being. Traveling gives you a wider perspective in life. Traveling opens your mind that despite the differences in the world, we still do share a lot of common things. Traveling reminds you that life should be enjoyed.

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