Rainy Days

Aug 4, 2019

Santa Cruz Trek, Huascaran, Peru

Rainy days. I've spent most of them trekking the Andes and mountain ranges of Peru with a group of fellow crazy trekkers, and playing mafia in a big tent. Some days I liked them, until they turn into hail and they hurt and I'm freezing.

There were those days I got stuck in the central of Huaraz, cold and watching the streets get flooded and laughing at myself thinking 'I went to South America just to deal with flooded streets like in Manila?'. Or just in my small room I've stayed for weeks in a row editing travel photos, writing, or planning the rest of my trip while eating a (1 Peruvian soles) bag of of popcorn.

Or that one time it rained so hard in Medellin, Colombia and I got stuck in a metro station watching people get worried because most Paisas don't have umbrellas. Because Medellin is the city of eternal spring. While in the Philippines, you always bring one for the sun and for the rain.

And now, rainy days mean difficult commute days, cold office days processing data and writing about bond markets.

Some rainy days are good though spent in my small tiny piece of home, eating adobo, and other unhealthy food, laughing at the most random things and mundane small things with someone special.

As we get older, I realized it's not just about the faraway big mountains we trek, or the exotic places we go to, and other grand things we try to achieve, anymore. It's about the small things we try to relish on our own and with other people too.

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