Penang : Ernest Zacharevic's Murals and the Quaint Streets of George Town

Oct 18, 2012

Penang Street Art

I've always admired artists. I admire the way they're able to materialize an idea, a concept, or an emotion. But I also love photographers, how they can manipulate the different aspects of light and color in capturing and highlighting a certain moment.

These are the reasons why I truly admire and enjoyed the works of Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist, in the streets of Old George Town in Penang, Malaysia. His murals are based and copied from real-life photos.

Penang - Street Art 2

Penang - Street Art 3

Penang - Street Art 4

Penang - Street Art 5

Penang - Street Art 6

His works captured moments and allowed people to be part of it.

 Penang - Street Art Collage 

I also loved the details of his works especially the smile of this young boy on a bicycle, the photos are somehow alive. Capturing his work, as someone who loves photography, was also fun, because there were no borders and frames.

Penang - Street Art 7

I only knew about this when I arrived in Penang in August, as he only started working on it middle of this year. Lucky me :)

The streets of Old George Town are now not only famous for its quaint historical buildings, cafes, and temples, but also of Ernest's works.

Penang - Street Art 8

Penang Amelie Cafe

Penang Temple

Penang Temple 2

Penang Temple 3

Penang Collage

Penang collage 3

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