Happy Kids of Muang Ngoi, Laos

Feb 22, 2012

Muang Ngoi Kids 2

When you're a child, anywhere's a playground.

Where else can you find children so happy and playful as these ones? I've always thought that children these days are always in front of a computer, a laptop, or even an I-pad. But in Muang Ngoi, Laos, in a village called  Bana, we found these wonderful children.

Muang Ngoi Kids 4

Muang Ngoi Kids 5

We found these children playing on the ground and laughing, like they've been bestfriends for more than a decade. We played with them a little. When Anthony brought out the Oreo cookies, they ran away laughing. And then after a few seconds came back and stood in front of him. They were so curious, so cute.

Muang Ngoi Kids 6

Muang Ngoi Kids 7

What's even cuter is how they eat it. Look!

Muang Ngoi Kids 8

The older ones, on the other hand, were so happy with the notepads and ballpens we bought for them. I wish they'd have more access to important things like these.

Muang Ngoi Kids 9

And just as we were about to go to a small restaurant at the end of the village, we saw this cute baby.

Muang Ngoi Kids 10

Children. :)

Muang Ngoi Kids

Muang Ngoi Kids 3

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